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Idekayu, Cali.

The name of 'Idekayu' is inspired by Indonesian words. 'Ide' means 'Idea' and 'Kayu' means 'Wood'. This small family business has been producing toys based on the Montessori and Pikler pedagogical approach.

IdeKayú is a family business, established in Cali in 2018 with the arrival of our second son Felipe, who made us interested in other pedagogic appraches.

Each product you find below was developed and evaluated by our children both in functionality and resistance.

We are responsible for the protection of our natural resources, so our toys are painted and lacquered with non-toxic water-based products. As part of our ecological awareness, we try to recycle wood, recover it and give it a new use.

Additionally, our toys enhance various skills, both in cognitive processes, language construction, creativity and other mental functions, which allow the comprehensive development of boys and girls, as well as the relationship with and within their environment.

See Idekayu products on Instagram @idekayu_colombia

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