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We (CRAFTED) are a nonprofit cooperation that consists of local individuals/small family businesses that produce Montessori and Waldorf inspired wooden toys, made in Colombia.

The aim of this cooperation is to promote the local craftsmanship which needs support, and to facilitate the direct connection between parents who are interested in Montessori and Waldorf (or similar approach) products and the producers.


CRAFTED products are handmade and customized by local craftsmen who are passionate about the pedagogical approach. To see their individual story please go to page 

‘Our Craftsmen'.

The craftsmen are specialists with extensive experience in creating wooden products specially designed for children. All the toys are made with non-toxic materials; sustainably grown pine wood, non-toxic, child friendly paint and finishes.


This cooperation belongs to its members (the craftsmen), 90% to 95% of the invoiced prices go directly to them.  We apply a small amount of charges (5-10%) to cover the operational costs (transportation from different cities to Bogota, online banking payment fees, operational cost and administration fees).

Our members are located in different cities in Colombia, such as Medellin, Chia, and Bogota (see their stories on Our Craftsmen’ page. Each family/ individual business has its own specialty and offers different ranges of products. We particularly target the small individual/family businesses with low income.

The order is going directly to the producers, meaning when buying from us you support local craftsmen and their families.

Text edited by Margaret Schuler

@2020. Colombia

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