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La Casita Waldorf is more than just a company, it's is a family.

The project idea was born when the family had difficulties to find wooden toys that aligned with Waldorf pedagogy for their daughters Mikaela and Rosario.

Andrés, the father, was a graphic designer until 3 years ago before he quit his job and fully dedicate himself as a craftsman, producing Waldorf toys. He is passionate about perfection and quality, he enjoys the smell, color and texture of each piece of art wood that comes out from his workshop.

Isaac, the eldest son, is a student of fine arts and the one in the family who makes new toy designs. Everything that comes to his mind, he materializes with an ease that seems to simply turn the sketches he makes into fine toys.

Angélica, the mother, shares her time between being a teacher in Waldorf pedagogy kindergarten and managing the administrative part of this workshop. She is passionate about anthroposophy which makes every detail rigorous. She handles communication and marketing as well. She loves to share information for whom is seeking information about Waldorf toys.

Mikaela and Rosaria, the youngest, become the ones who try and tested the new toys their family produces.

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Text in English edited by Bernard Cartella

La Casita Waldorf Works

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