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Pacarts, Barranquilla

PACARTS stands for Paolo Aragón Cogollo Arts initiated by these young local artists in July 2020, few months after the lockdown started in Colombia due to pandemic.

Paolo, the founder of Pacarts is Master in Plastic Arts - Technician in construction and assembly of scenographies.

After he lost his job as an art teacher in a school (due to pandemic ), he decided to persue his idea to establish his own business and crafting ‘creative wooden toys’.

Melissa, on the other side, she studied systems engineering and works in a technology company.

“Since I was a child I always liked arts and painting which I learned empirically. Unfortunately I couldn't study arts because my dad didn't want me to study art instead i stdied engineering."

With what they have this young couple manage this small business together a d maket their produts on social media . They are based in Barranquilla and produces wooden toys mainly focused on ptetend play set and open- ended toys based on orders from clients. Paolo is in charge on producing the toys and Melissa who's good in detail works is in charge in hand painted items. The products are made with sustainable woods and painted beautifully with non-toxic materials.

Follow their works on Instagram/ Facebook @Pacarts

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