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Tovar Designs, Bogota

Tovar Designs has been created by the Tovar family right after the lockdown started in Colombia (due to the Covid pandemic) in 2020. A family with different backgrounds decided to gather their skills and experiences,  building a family enterprise specialist in wooden boxes after they lost their jobs and livelihoods during the pandemic. 

Hector Tovar (father) and Yesid Tovar (son) who had been working on construction, specialising in wooden house construction for decades. Paola Tovar (daughter) worked as teacher in the school. Oscar Arevalo (husband of Paola) the one who intitiated the idea to create 'Tovar Designs ', worked as chef in the restaurant.

It has been a year ago since they've been running a small family business specialising in producing wooden boxes and tray based on order. Currently they expand their line of products by producing trays, wooden boxes for color sorting kit, object permanence box, and other items as a base product that used for Montessori toys and tools in Crafted Toys Colombia.

Follow Tovar Designs work on Instagram @tovardesigns

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